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10 Things to consider before adopting a cat

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hello guys, This is me Rya and in this post I am briefing you about 10 things you need to consider in mind before adopting a beautiful cat like me. If you have been thinking of adopting a feline or getting a companion for your kids then high Five, adopting a cat can be one of the best things ever happen to you (My mum says that so I am not bragging).

However, it's crucial for you to make sure they are comfortable in the new house. Thats why I have written down top 10 information which my mum has gathered from all over internet/youtube and via networking with some of our fellow cat's parents before adopting me. Please go through below points and check for yourself if you are ready to get a feline baby -

1) Check which cat breed is suitable for your lifestyle here.

2) Select a cat according to your life style, family conditions, work hours etc keeping in mind if you can take care of them properly with your schedule.

3) Please do not adopt a cat if you can't commit to at least 15 years of partnership with them. Please dont give them away just because your living conditions have changed. I mean will you do that to your own kids? Although there can be some situations where you are unable to take care of your cat and in that case make sure you are giving them away to sensible people.

4) Alot of people adopt a kitten and then give them away just because they are not behaving well or attacked their kids etc. We have all the material and knowledge available in our website about cats so please go through them and work towards making your cat's surrounding lovable instead of just giving them away. Alternatively you can get in touch with my mum and she will try and help you with the issues. They attacked your kids because of a reason!

5) Please check your local shelter for cats before getting one from a breeder. Rescue cats/kittens need us more than ever. Koen was adopted from RSPCA and he is one of the most lovable and caring cat I know especially around strangers and babies.

6) Cats are not low maintenance so dont think you can leave them for the long weekend at home alone. Please ask a neighbour or friend to keep some company as indoor cats are used to human beings around. They can get stressed and it will show in their behaviour over time.

7) According to my mum - "I was hell scared of all animals earlier but adopting cats have changed her life in so many special ways. It's nothing less than becoming a mother. They are very lovable animals and can bring lots of joy in your life. However do not buy a lot of stuff for them before adopting them, all cats are different and there are chances they will never play with that expensive toy or never use that cat bed you bought".

Thats Koen and me in the below pic bdw :)

8) You would need to spend some money on food, litter, vaccinations and catification to be able to live with a happy cat so keep a check on your finances. if you are not very financially stable I would recommend dont adopt a cat just yet.

9) Before adopting a cat, I would recommend to watch "My Cat from hell" series in youtube from Jackson Galaxy. Its amazing and give you information of all kinds of cat issues you can encounter and how to handle them.

10) Catification is important, if you are adopting a kitten, keep in mind they are super energetic and playful. So play with them and feed them a bit more food during their growing age. To avoid any damage of furniture and stuff at house, please play with them using toys and establish a routine of play, groom and eat.

If after reading the above points you feel that you are ready then please read this checklist of must have things before adopting a kitten/cat and get ready for your first adoption. Do share with us your first adoption story and we would love to feature it on our website. If you are not ready to adopt a cat then do not be sad, you can always go to your near shelter or cat cafes and play with the amazing rescue kitten/cats, they will love your company :)

Signing off now!

Please believe in kindness, empathy and well-being of each other.



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